CT9 - Information and other complementary activities

CT9 will be integrated in the CA EPBD Coordination and Communications Team. This team will be assisting with sessions on information, campaigns and other tools such as one-stop shops in particular in collaboration with the finance team. The Coordination Team will also contribute with sessions and materials, where topics in the EPBD fall between or outside the scope of other CTM teams.

Some tasks cut across all central teams such as evaluation of the CA EPBD and sessions, or revision of the EPBD, including a general collection of proposals for topics from participants.

The team will also focus on the general collaboration with the other Concerted Actions, CA EED and CA RES, when these have a more general character. New topics, which do not automatically fall under the other teams, will initially be handled by this team until they might be included in one of the other eight teams.

Relevant information