CA EPBD 6 is organised around nine Central Teams, each comprising of a Central Team Manager and a Central Team Assistant. The Central Teams each address important topics in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, facilitating sessions, discussions and information exchange to support the member states in their implementation of the directive.

The topics chosen for CA EPBD 6 were based on the amended directive from 2018 but will be adapted for the newly approved revised EPBD (recast) from April 2024. 

Read more about the Central Teams and the focus of their work below.


National Building Renovation Plans and MEPS

Supporting the renovation of existing buildings with a focus on National Building Renovation Plans and MEPS.


Building Renovation Passports and Energy Performance Certificates

Exploring the use and links between Building Renovation Passports and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in relation to the renovation of existing buildings.


Deep renovation and renovation passports

Looking at definitions and targets for deep renovation and the use of renovation passports in this pursuit.



Focusing on finance for energy efficiency in buildings and the implementation of one-stop-shop services, information campaigns and other incentives.


Decarbonisation and zero-emission buildings

Supporting the decarbonisation of heating and cooling, transition to zero-emission buildings and the phasing out of fossil fuels in the building sector.


Calculations and lifecycle

Concerned with calculation methods and standards for primary energy and operational CO2 indicators, energy performance certificates, cost optimality and life cycle carbon footprint.


Smart buildings and system integration

Supporting the development of smart buildings, building automation, controls and electronic monitoring for energy efficiency.


Building codes and technical requirements

Reinforcing, modernising and enforcing building codes, including sustainable mobility.


Information and other complementary activities

Delivering information and tools to support the other central teams and organising sessions which fall between or outside the scope of other teams.